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15 Apr 2016 |

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Being nice goes so much further than your gift could ever carry you alone.
As I move around and meet new people one would assume that sharing the music or singing on big stages is the most exciting part of what I do, but I’d have to say it’s the relationships being made.
I have a flat out blast meeting new people. I like to flip it on em’ “MANNN I’m so excited to meet you!!!” Their like “You are??” They walk away confused.. 🙂 (that didn’t go the way I expected)

But the truth is, we just never know who we’re talking to. Donald Lawrence said this to me, “Todd be kind to everyone, a lot of people don’t even know who they are yet” Now I’ve heard the first part of that statement said before but the second half I thought was profound. And I thought about it, someone could be an average Joe and completely unaware that in 3 years they will be holding the keys to a door of your destiny. If that’s the case, will they think well of you based off your meeting?

Because I don’t look like your everyday gospel singer, I get played to the left some time. 🙂 but I love it! It shows me who people really are. I’ll come into a church and the usher hits me with “Uhhh SIR YOU NEED TO HAVE A SEAT” “but ma’am..”
“NO, NO, NO, I’m not gon play you young people!!!”
I’m like “ok.. ”
Now here comes the pastor..
“TODD!! Man so happy you could make it”
(Usher) … “MAND OF GOD”..
I feel like saying SHUT UP!!!! 🙂 🙂

But anyhoo, I’m really excited about what’s to come, I have a new album for you 2016, a lot of travel and worship experiences upcoming, a new baby in the house. Everything is moving, but more than anything I look forward to meeting you guys, and making new connections. We’re so much more powerful together anyway!!

BE NICE!!! 😉 (Philippians 2:3, Matthew 23:12)



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December 4th, 2015


  • David M Byrd Jr

    Wisdom. This was good for me to read. It smash my toes.

  • Anitha McKenzie


  • Caroline Musasizi

    Wow yes treating people nice is what I’m learning.


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