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15 Apr 2016 |


He Wants Us… That is so Dope!

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I woke up this morning, and as I sat in God’s presence I just began to think of a guy and His bride. He loves this bride soooo much… And desperately wants to be with her.. He knows that the only way to have her back to Himself, is to give up the most important part of His life… His SON… Not only give up His son, but for Him to be tortured, humiliated and ultimately killed… ALL TO HAVE THIS BRIDE!!
How awesome is that…. He loves us THAT MUCH! Are we that fine of a bride? Yeesh… We must be really fine to God, to go through THAT type of trouble..
Then I went further to think… ALL He wants is US!! Even right now wherever you are, He’s hoping that you carve out a window of time to let Him talk to you, where no one can interrupt.. There is so much that He has to say to us… He just wants that time…
I think that there are so many mistakes that I could’ve avoided if I had gotten the revelation of giving God my attention earlier in life… He never wanted to waste my time… Or have me sit there doing ALLLLL of the talking, He wanted to build me up and encourage me and say things like, leave HER ALONE SHE WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE… ETC. 🙂
The key to walking in constant victory is communication with the one who CANNOT LOSE… and I don’t mean we just go in praying all of our desires…noooo I mean let Him talk.. Let Him love and hold and be with His bride…. THENN out of that intimacy… He speaks the secrets of tomorrow. (inventions, business ideas, what’s gonna happen soon etc.) I believe He sits back and says “I just wanna help but they don’t wanna talk with me” All He wants is to be with us…. I’m gonna take Him up on the offer…


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September 20th, 2013


  • SeLinda Rivers

    One thing that has stood out in Jesus choosing twelve out of the crowd of maybe 70 was this”He chose twelve TO BE WITH HIM. He shared things with them and revealed the Father’s secrets to those who would BE WITH HIM. When a married couple have been intimate there are things that are spoken during and after which exposes the heart of both,there is no shame in the vunerability. This is the “knowing place”. When the scriptures speaks of intimacy it often uses the words”and He knew His wife and she conceived. Our time of being with Him is a time of conception.

    • Todd Dulaney

      YOU HAVE IT!!! This truth opens the gate to EVERY THING ELSE IN OUR WALK!

  • Neil Justin

    To try to fathom God’s love for us always seem to blow the mind. To me, this is what makes worship so powerful. I love to praise, and I know it has its place, but there is something about intimacy with God in worship! Just like SeLinda Rivers said, the deposit that God gives as a result of spiritual intimacy with Him always births out something amazing! Th desire to tap in that love should never be quenched. 🙂


  • Kim

    Holy Jesus. That was revelatory. “Constant victory is communication with the One who CAN NOT lose.” Mediating on that one for a long while. Thank you God’s spokesman.

  • Oluwadamipe

    We serve a great and mighty God .. All he wants to do is LOVE us .. what a mighty Father he is .


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