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15 Apr 2016 |


Is It Really For Him?

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The title of this blog is a question that I ask myself pretty much every day. I plan things and write songs and lead worship and do all types of things in the name of Jesus… But that question always remains with me.. “Is it Really for Him”?
I watch many videos on-line and on social media and there are a lot of VERY VERY talented people ALL OVER THE WORLD. But one of the things that always disturbs me, is when people praise the vessel and pretty much flat out ignore who or what the vessel is singing about.. “She blazed this” or “He destroyed this”
Don’t get me wrong.. I heard it too.. But was that the goal?? To sing a song about this AWESOME MIGHTY SAVIOR but everyone laud the vessel. (Encouraging the vessel is one thing, but not what I’m referring to in this blog) Maybe I’m confused.. Or just being deep, I don’t know..
Which brings me back to my original question… IS IT REALLY FOR HIM?


When we do what we do.. Are we looking for response or reassurance from people or if no one responded would we be ok with that? If no one likes your post are you cool with that? IF NO ONE FOLLOWS YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA, Is it STILL FOR HIM?
We’re in a very critical time. A time where the land NEEDS A SAVIOR, not a new president.. THE SAVIOR. And We know HIM, But I feel like the servants and vessels of God are busy building a following.

But who am I to say these things? Cause for all you know, I could just be writing this to build a bigger following for myself…


Believers I challenge you to join me and use this question to check your motives daily. It may surprise you how much the things we do are more for our gratification than His.

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January 2nd, 2016


  • Anna

    I like this and will borrow your question! Good stuff

  • Thanks for the reminder bro…. checking my motives now about something I was about to do musically!

  • Stef

    Checking myself and my motives

  • Pierre Taylor

    Great Stuff Todd. I ask something very similar. What will burn? On the Day of Bema will it last though the fire if it wasn’t for him? I Corinthians 3:10-15 God Bless you and your family.

  • Robert Truely Blessed Brown

    If I was the one doing it, I would want my father to be pleased rather then man. Sometime people missed the concept of why their here. They think its all about them. When they don’t have what they need, then they call the father to bail them out. Some people do it for themselves and take his glory. The bible declared that no man shall have his glory or his honor.

  • KVNM-FM 101.1

    Great post. As a radio station manage/owner I have occasionally asked the same, as I select music for the programming. It seems that “branding” and “marketing” towards the “audience” has exceeded the goal of glorifying the Kingdom. I, unfortunately, have come to the conclusion that its “GOD Inc.”, in other words, franchising the KINGDOM for personal benefit. I have grown tired of psalmists and worship leaders performing the “Simon Says” ministry, without His heart. How its done, (meaning worship leadership) and the spirit in which its accomplished, is more important, than what is done. (Nice and tasteful web presence, by the way!)

    I appreciate Him, in you!
    KVNM 101.1 FM

  • Kevin E. Taylor

    If the vessel does not stop and open the space of grace for the Lord to be exalted, their ego is loosed. I still remember the day that pastor poured “TO GOD BE THE GLORY” into my spirit after a still trembling church ran to praise me for a sermon. I was still wet and the building was still rocking and he reminded me that if I took it in, it would collapse and consume me. To extol the Lord and give God the glory gave me permission as pastor to leave the building and replenish the man. I didn’t feel like I had to stand up in it and receive it. THE GLORY WAS GOD’S…and the gift is mine and the vessel needs to be restored, daily. GOD IS ALWAYS AND ALL WAYS!


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